Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How Lenovo Yoga Tablet can help me :)

Rupa is a Home maker. Her husband Ravi is working as IT Analyst in private company.  They are blessed with baby and now she is 13 month old.


Ravi : Rupa,  its getting late. I am going to office. Take care of this pretty girl (kissed on Riya's forehead).

Rupa : Ok Ravi, drive slowly. see you ( smiled).

Rupa : Riya Kutty, mummy has some work in kitchen. So be good and play with your toys.

Riya : (crying for no reason)

Rupa : why are  you crying baby??? I dont know how to calm her.  

Rupa : Ok I will put some rhymes in Tablet. Let see how she is going to react?

Riya : ( Enjoying the Rhymes video with her cute innocent smile)

Rupa : Ahhhhh! My hand is paining. How long do i need to hold this?????? and i have to do some other work  too... But my little one is enjoying the rhymes.

Rupa: Idea! ok first i will make her sit on the floor and then to balance the tablet, i keep one stick to support the tablet. ( slowly moved to the kitchen)

Riya :  ( continues to see the Rhymes)

Rupa : (After 15 minutes) Why she is crying again?????  The stick has moved from the tablet and she couldnt able to see the video. Then i made the all setup again.

Riya : (Stopped crying and watching the video happily)

Rupa : ( Heard Riya's screaming and ran to the hall )  OMG :( :(  why the battery life is not standing for 4 hours. Eventhough i put charge for the whole night. ok baby, you sleep now. mummy will show you the videos later. ( she carried riya in the shoulder and pat her back gently to make her to sleep)

Riya : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...... (sleeping)

Ravi : Honey! where are you? I am back from office. Give me a cup of coffee.

Rupa : Ok ravi, i am going to make coffee.

Ravi :  why are you looking so dull?

Rupa : (Explained what happened from morning along with her difficulties with tablet)

Ravi : ( Listened everthing calmly)...

Scene 2  Next Day

Ravi : Rupa, Come here, I have one surprise gift for you.

Rupa : Awww.. So sweet. what is inside???? ( she asked eagerly)

Ravi : wait wait.. This gift is the only solution for all your troubles. 

Rupa : (she unwrapped) WOW!!!!! LENOVO YOGA TABLET... I Love you Ravi ( she said excitely)


Rupa : Now i feel stress free. Yoga Tablet helps me to do my jobs easily.
(Riya is enjoying rhymes without distrubing her mom)


Rupa : ( Seeing missed serial episodes and having snacks and tea )

Rupa : ( Watching cooking show and making the dish )


Rupa : (she told bedtime stories for riya using tablet. After riya slept, she is checking her social networks)


2 Times life of the Typical Tablet

A #BETTERWAY IS HERE..................

Lenovo Yoga Tablet :) :)

The specification of both 8' and 10' lenovo yoga tablets are
  • Display with 1280x800 pixels resolution
  • 5 Megapixel autofocus Rear camera
  • 1.6 Megapixel Front camera
  • Upto 18 hours of baterry backup
  • Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
  • Sim support (8 inch lenovo yoga tablet)

This Post is written for the contest "Lenovo YOGA TABLET " by Indiblogger

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