Friday, January 3, 2014

WeChat - Indian General Election 2014

Voting is the important right to everyone, who is 18 age or older. Your vote is your voice. So, you should raise your voice for better future of our country. A single vote has more power than you think. It can change our entire country fate. So do vote for whomever you believe will best represent you.

Many youths are not voting in the Election. The reasons are,
1.They do not have enough awareness and knowledge about the Politics.
2.They feel powerless to change things.

Now-a-days, it is rare to find youths without Electronic Gadgets. Social Networking sites and Social Apps are the ideal place to reach Youths. They are improving themselves in many fields using the Apps. So, lets try to inspire the youths to vote using mobile Apps.

Here are my few suggestions how to inspire India's Youth using Social Apps.

1. Displaying Flash Ads(Quotes):

A Random quotes (Flash Ads) will appear during chatting with friends using WeChat. These quotes can inspire them to talk about the election in between the chats.
(You can turn off the Quotes in the option "setting")
  • Choose your Leader.
  • Raise your voice through Vote.
  • Your vote has more power. Don't waste it.
  • Do not give up yours Rights for your laziness.

2. Shows the list of candidates:

When it comes to an Election, voters should know about the candidates and their policies. Some people may feel  lazy to browse about the candidates in different websites. So, including candidate details in social apps will helps youths to know about all the candidates in one place.

Once he go through the candidate's History, Policies, Promises and Achievements. It may trigger him to vote for the candidate, who he feels right or who he meets his demands.

3. Use Drift Bottles:

You can share your thoughts/knowledge about the Indian General Election'14 using Drift bottles.

4. Voting Via WeChat:

Voting through social Apps can inspire many youngster to vote in the Election.

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This post has been written for  "WE CHAT - Indian General Election 2014 using Social mobile apps"  contest by We chat and Indiblogger.


  1. Wonderful Post! All your ideas are just great to implement and as you have said the showing the list of candidates in all social platform will increase the chances of letting more people know about it. All the best Bhawya ! :)

  2. Voting via WeChat. That Idea sounds good !!
    All the best !!

  3. Bhawya, Very nicely expressed! I love all the images & ideas. Shows your effort.
    Congrats for your win :)

  4. Beautiful post! Many congratz for winning!


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