Saturday, February 1, 2014

Helping Hands are better than Praying Lips

Milaap (Loan a Little, Change a Lot)

Milaap (Hindi word for ‘unity’) was initiated in June 2010, by three passionate young entrepreneurs who had a single vision – to change people’s concept of giving and make it a personal, transparent and
sustainable process. The end borrowers are the deserving, working poor of India – students, small businesses, families - who need a small amount of capital to get ahead and change their lives for the better.
They are a mission driven company changing the way people fund and impact communities in need. Every day, They connect hundreds of hardworking borrowers looking to start a small business, pay for education, install better facilities in their households, and more – with people around the world willing to lend and rally their friends and family with as little as Rs. 500 ($25)

How it Works:

Choose a borrower to lend to from the list of profiles on Milaap site. You could choose one based on their story or from an impact area that you feel strongly about.

You make a loan online. They disburse the amount to our Field Partner on the ground. Borrowers receive 100% of your money and use it for the specific need they were given the loan for.

As the borrower repays the loan, the Field partner collects the repayments on the ground. These are accumulated in your account on, as 'Credits'. You’ll receive progress updates from Milaap through your email and your Milaap account.

You can choose to withdraw your accumulated Milaap Credits or re-lend it to another borrower listed on Milaap. By choosing another borrower, you will keep the cycle of change going with the same loan amount.

I chose to lend 2 groups,
1. Maheshwari and Group from Musiri, Tamil Nadu.  Lend Now
2. Kavitha and Group from Musiri, Tamil Nadu.  Lend Now

Maheshwari and Group:

About Them :  Maheswari, Manmani, Kavitha, Rajalakshmi and Dhanalakshmi are married women who live with their families in Musiri village of Tamil Nadu in India. All five of them are agricultural labourers and earn a meagre income which is just sufficient to supplement their families. Constructing a toilet in each of their homes still remains an unrealised dream for them as it entails an investment of Rs. 10,000. As many people in their village do, these women relieve themselves in an open area every day. These women, however, are now resolute to realise their dream. They wish to construct 5 toilets by securing the necessary amount of Rs. 50,000 through a loan.

Kavitha and Group

About Them: Probably the most important things a mother can do for her children is to provide clean drinking water and safe sanitation so that their water does not become contaminated, which could lead to illness. That's exactly what Kavitha, in the middle of the photo, Revathi, Jeyalakshmi, Ammasi, and Jeyalakshmi, women from Tamil Nadu want to do. Together they want to borrow Rs. 45,000 to build four toilets and provide a clean water connection for drinking and bathing. Jeyalakshmi would like to get a piped water connection at home, while the rest of them wish to build toilets. This will substantially improve the overall health and quality of life for these five families from Musiri in Tamil Nadu.

In our country, many peoples are living without basic needs like water connections, toilets. Maheshwari and Group , and Kavitha and Group, from Musiri, Tamil nadu, applied loan for to construct toilets at their homes through Milaap. Help them to fulfil their dream.Your help in the form of a loan will not only provide these women and their families with access to toilets but also inspire others in their neighbourhood to look beyond the malady of open defecation.

 Contributing small amount can make a very big difference in their life.

Click Here LEND NOW  to help them

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