Monday, March 10, 2014

Time To Take Hot Water Bath

Sonya and shiv are neighbours. They loved each other for 4 years and then finally got married. Before marriage whenever they two meet, Sonya always ensures that she is neat and fresh. She takes bath, apply make-up and use perfume. She loves to be clean and fresh.

Few days after marriage, she noticed her husband sweats and smelled after his days work from office. She does not like her smelly husband. She noticed that he cared less about it. She loved him so much and hence do not want to tell him directly. She does not want others to notice this about her husband. She felt hesitant to talk to him about this and finally she planned something good.

 After a week, she gifted him a costly deodorant one day. He was little surprised on that gifts. They usually gift each other but this unusual. In addition, she started to take hot water bath in evening also after they reached home. She also started to tell him that she felt so good taking hot bath in evening. She told that she feel relaxed and it helps her to have good sleep in night. She started to tell that she feel now cleaner as she was able to wash away the dirt got during her travel back from office. These activities slowly made him feel conscious.  He understood what is happening. After that, he too started to take hot water bath after reaching home and Sonya was happy for him.

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  1. I love the way Soniya tactfully got the message across without hurting Shiv's feelings. All the best for the contest Bhawya :D


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