Friday, April 18, 2014

How To Clean The Mushrooms

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Cleaning the mushroom is quite easy process. It has only 2 steps.

What you need?
Dry Paper tissue/Paper Towel

Rub the mushroom with paper towel/tissue. Wipe it until the black dirt goes away.
Remove the stem gently.( Twist and pull it)

Mushrooms are extremely porous. Do not soak it in water, then it will be like a sponge.


  1. useful post bhawya.. I am allergic to mushrooms so I dont prepare much... sometimes used to prepare for my hubby and kid, but I used to wash it after cleaning with tissue.. that is not required?

    1. Its not required Tanya. If u soak it in water, it will release excess amount of water into your dish.It will lost the real taste. Try not to soak it in water next time and tell me how it comes out :)


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