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Diwali is all about Sweets and Sweet Memories

Diwali is just around the corner. All of my family members are so excited to celebrate it in a grand manner. In my native, a month ago, all the shops were decorated with colourful serial lights. I am eagerly counting the days for grand celebration.

How we prepare for Diwali celebration in our home:

When I think about Diwali festival, first thing which strikes my mind is new dress :). Every year two weeks ahead of Diwali, we used to do Diwali dress shopping. We don't like to do shop in last minute, because the bazaar will be so crowd and more than that all good pattern and latest trendy dress might sell that time. This year also we finished our shopping a week ago.

Next thing which come to mind is everyone's favourite yummy sweets and savouries :) In our home, we never buy sweets from shop. Every year we make Diwali sweets at our home.  My grandma comes to my home to help mom for Diwali sweet preparation. She is a great cook (I am learning cooking from her now). I and my two sisters likes to do some help like rolling, mixing the murkku dough, but my mom never allow us to go near the oil pan. While making sweets, we sit around and my grandma shares her childhood memories with us. It is always one of unforgettable moments in my life. The sweets which we prepare for Diwali is rice flour murruku, sweet murruku, mullu murruku, guava leaf murruku, gulab jamun, adhirasam, rava laddu, seeni urunda, Mysore pak etc., .During Diwali, we share sweets with our relations and neighbours. Hence we make 100 numbers in each sweet and savoury dish. 

Gulab jamun is one of my favourite sweet delicacies. It is so delicious and simple to make. From last year, I make gulab jamun using left over breads. It tastes as same as normal milk powder gulab jamun. I would really love to share the simplest recipe. The ingredients you will need
For making bread gulab jamun is
8 bread slice
1/2 cup milk
Oil for deep frying 
For making sugar syrup
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
A pinch of cardamom powder 
A pinch of saffron strands 

Method for making jamuns:

First, cut the brown edges of bread and dip the bread in milk. Then squeeze out the extra milk. Repeat the same for other breads. Now take breads in blender and grind it into smooth paste. Divide equal portions and make balls. Heat the oil in pan over lower flame. Drop each ball into the heated oil, fry them well until it turns to golden brown colour. Drain the excess oil in paper towel. Let them warm for some time.

Now for the sugar syrup, take sugar and water in large saucepan, mix well and cook it on lower flame. When it forms single string consistency, remove it from the flame and add saffron strands and cardamom powder. Once the sugar syrup cools down, add jamuns into it. 

Let it soak for 4 hours to get soft and smooth texture. It's done :) simple isn't it?? I hope this recipe will help you all for the last minute sweet preparation.

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Last but not least, Fire crackers :).  Actually we buy it on a day before Diwali that's why I couldn't upload my own fire crackers image. We love different colour sky shot. That is in top of my fire cracker list.

How we celebrate Diwali:

The day before Diwali night, we sisters never sleep. We do chatting, playing card games, watching Diwali special television show. At 12 o clock, we wish everyone in our family and we start sweeping our home entrance for big rangoli kolam. Then my dad applies small drop of segaikai (powder herbal shampoo) and oil on head. It is one of traditional custom during Diwali festival. My mom will be very busy in arranging all the sweets, pooja items and cloths in pooja room. After aarathi my dad gives us new clothes. We happily go and wear it. After 10 o clock, we visit our friends and relations home to share Diwali wishes and sweets. The whole day we spent time firing crackers, visiting relations home, watching TV, eating loads of sweets. Diwali is one of my very favourite festivals. Now, I'm eagerly counting days for Diwali celebration.

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali 2014 :)

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  1. Happy Deepavali Bhawya... It was nice reading about your sweet sweet memories! Grannies are full of treasured memories right? Bread Gulab Jamun! Will surely give a try!


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