Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dettol Multi-Use Wipes

I am mom of 2 year old naughty daughter. I have responsibility to keep my home neat and clean to protect her health. I believe that "Cleanliness is half your health". Recently I had a chance to review a new product from trust worthy brand Dettol "Dettol Multi-use wipes" . Today, I am going to share my opinion about the product.

Dettol Multi-Use Wipes pack comes with 30 wet wipes, which cost Rs 115/-.Though the wipes are really wet, the opening of the pack is re-sealable type, it prevents the wipes to drying out. It is convinient, easy to use and portable too. 

Images of Dettol Multi-Use Wipes
Uses of Dettol Multi - Use Wipes:

1. To clean the shelves, laptop, baby toys, kitchen countertop.
2. To clean the dirt in face, hands and neck.
3. To kill the harmful germs.
4. To moisturizes the skin.
5. For hygenic and sanitation.

How am I using this new Dettol Multi-Use wipes:

1. Usually I mop the floor with dettol liquid for hygenic and sanitation. These wet wipes made my job easily to remove the sticky and heavy dirt.

2. I carry this wipes in my hand bag to clean my oily skin then and there. Since the PH value is neutral, I dont feel any irritation or rashes of using this.

3. My little one watches rhymes in my laptop while she is eating. She makes a big mess in the laptop with her food hand. Once it dried out, its so difficult to clean up the mess she made. But, with these wipes.. My laptop got back its new look.. It removed all the dirt and spots.. I feel so easy to clean up these now.

 Before and After images of using Dettol wipes

4. Sometimes she keeps her toys in her mouth. I am using this wipes to kill all those germs in her toy.

5. To clean the muddy spots in the car glasses.

6. I keep some wipes in the kitchen to clean up the spilled liquid like coffee, oil., in the kitchen countertop or microwave. 

These wet wipes are such an effective way to wipe the dirt away.
  • Alcohol free
  • Neutral PH value 
  • Kills germs and other harmful bacterias.
  • Easy cleanand Instant clean
  • Portable and convinient to use
  • Fragrance 
Negative: Seriously I could not find anything negative other than price.

Price: Rs 115/- (30 wet wipes) 

Overall:  It is the best and ideal for instant clean up for skin or any even even surfaces. These Multi-Use Wipes not only help protect your skin from germs, but also keep surfaces germ free.

This New product Dettol Multi-use wipes is available in online shopping websites like Flipkart, Amazon.  I would really sugguest you all to have this instant clean up wipes at home for instant clean.


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