Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bedtime Rituals

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A Good night sleep is essential for healthy and happy child. For that, everyone should follow bedtime rituals for their kids. What is bedtime rituals?? It means setting up some routine activity to give our child pleasant and calm sleep. I follow some of routine activity to make my little one sleep without any disturbance. I would say, these rituals helps me to have good and calm sleep as well, because if my kid is sleeping well obviously mamma also have a happy sleep. Bedtime rituals should not be too long. Kids will get bored with doing all this. It should be fun as well as routine habit.

My simple as well as efficient Bedtime rituals:

First look for a sign, that your little one is ready for bedtime rituals. If they looked tired, that's right time to start.

No electronic gadgets: Keep away all the electronic gadgets from them. My daughter watches cartoon in laptop. I turn off it and give her some toys or sketch pens to distract her.

Feeding warm milk: After supper, ensure that you fed your kid well. Everyday I give a cup of warm milk after dinner. Drinking warm milk at night will help you to sleep better and soon, because milk has tryptophan, which is an amino acid, it helps to fall asleep.

Warm bath: After I filled the bath tub with warm water and then I put some of her favorite bath toys into it. She loves playing with it. Warm bath helps to relaxing their body. After bath, I brush her teeth.

Diaper and pajamas: My little one is 2 years old. Hence, for a good night sleep, I use Pampers dry pant, because of that She doesn't feel uncomfortable throughout the night. She could sleep without any disturbance. To make her feel more comfortable, I will choose perfect night dress.

Reading story: Reading books with a kid is fun bedtime rituals. Tell your kid to choose book from shelf. If they bring a same book, that's OK. Read again and again :) I do that :P. When you read book, read it in low voice. This habit will cultivate special bonding with your kids. Their listening and vocabulary skill will also get improve.

Bedtime lullaby: Playing music or singing your own lullaby song is another fun bedtime ritual. Kids will enjoy it lot. I used to sing many songs, sometimes I sing god slokas / slogan.

Hug & Kiss & say Good night: When my kid is ready to tuck into the bed, I cuddle her and kiss her and say “Good night and see you in the morning”. She reply  “good night to me, good night to her all toys”. Then I turned on the night lamp and leave the room. I and My daughter can go to sleep happily.

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