Sunday, March 22, 2015

Act Positive, Be Positive

An optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties - Henry S Truman

Whatever you do, Just believe in good things and do it with your whole heart. This is the line I always tell to myself. Being optimistic is my strength. It helped me a lot to overcome many situations. I am going to share some of my experience. 

This incident happened When I was doing final year of engineering. In my college, during last 2 semester Campus interview takes place. Many companies came to my college to recruit us, but getting job in the first company was everyone's dream. That was my wish too. I had so confident that I will select on the first company itself.  I planned six month before and started preparing for aptitude, group discussion, technical interview. I tried some online aptitude test in Internet to improve my mathematical skills. The days went so fast. Finally, One of the top private company came to my college recruitment. First they conducted written exam. I did clear it and passed to the next level. The second level was group discussion, surprisingly they gave my favorite topic "Cricket". I cleared that level too. Last selection process was technical and HR interview. I did both the interview, but somehow I felt that I dint do well like the previous two levels. Later, they said that result gonna be announced by tomorrow morning. I got tensed and I badly wanted to select in that company. All I did was believe in positive side and lets hope for the best. I told to myself thousand times that I am one of the selected candidate. Next day, I went to auditorium hall with my friends for the result announcement. After an hour, They started calling the selected candidate names. They called some of my friend's name, by that time tension raised from head to toe. After two-three names, they called my name Bhawya. I couldn't hear anything else other than my name. I was on cloud nine. Still when I think about that moment, I get goosebumps.  That was the first victory in my life ever. The positive thinking and my hard work made me win in that situation.
Another incident happened when I conceived with my first baby. My husband got an on-site opportunity. That was his dream. Since it was my first pregnancy, my hubby decided to ignore it. He was not ready to go alone and he wanted to spend time with me throughout my pregnancy. I know that on-site job opportunity will not come often. I told him to sign in the offer. Look up and Lets hope for the good things happen. I and my husband had taken this risk and went to abroad alone. That was new place for us and no one was there near to guide us. Somehow we did manage till 9 months. My mom came here on 9th month to help me for 3 months. On Nov 7th 2012, I blessed with beautiful girl. Once I got the bundle of joy in my hand, all the pains were vanished in a second. The positive and bold move gave us nice moments in our life. 

Think Positive, Act Positive, Be Positive

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