Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dry Baby, Happy Baby

I am a mom of 2-year-old. She is super active baby. she never sits in a place for just 15 minutes. she keeps doing some activities like running, jumping, dancing., The main reason of her active level is she feels comfortable with her diaper. It always keeps her dry.  Since she was four months old, I am using Pampers diaper. Till now I have no issues of using it.  

When she was born, I have no idea about baby products. I asked my mom, she told that she used cloth diapers for us. But I do not like to go for cloth diapers. It will increase double the time of cleaning work. Hence, I bought some baby diapers from nearby store. The problem I have faced using that diaper is it gets full in an hour and it started to leakage. Every hour I have to change her diaper. After few days she got diarrhea problem and her diaper wont absorbs at all. It started leaking from sides and then ended with a big mess. I was so tired of cleaning and changing.  During night-time, she wakes up every two hours due to wetness. It made her feel uncomfortable and started crying. After I changed new diaper, it will take another two hours to go to sleep. She never get uninterrupted sleep until her four month.  One of my friend came to  home, we were simply discussing the kids, food and all. I told  her that she got up every night due to the wetness of diaper. She suggested me to use "Pampers".  I used it for her very first time. It was very easy to put on and she dint feel uncomfortable. I went to do some other home works. After three hours I came back to change her diaper,  but it was not full and there was no wetness, no leakages at all. Then I used it for night time, we both had sound sleep  without any interruption. Pampers keeps my baby dry throughout the night.  The next day morning she feels so fresh and active. Yes, of course I am too. A good diaper should be leakage free, wetness free, good absorbing quality. 

Features of Pampers dry baby pant: 

1. up to 12 hours of overnight protection 

2. easy and comfortable to wear 

3. Magic gel, that provides up to ten hours dryness 

4. protects the skin from rashes 

5. Stretchy sides 

6. Fun designs 

An uninterrupted good night sleep also defines babies health. Both are proportional to each other. Healthy food, sound sleep, fun activities make happy babies. Take a look at Pampers reward me website and grab your free sample today from P&G products.

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