Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dry Baby, Happy Baby

My daughter is two years old. I always keep her busy with engaging some of her favorite as well as fun activities. Before I give her some activity, I make sure that she feels comfortable, her tummy is full and put on her comfortable dress and wet free / rash free diaper. My daughter had rashes problem because of diaper wetness. I have tried many brands. Finally, I found a promising brand “Pampers”. She doesn't feel the wetness and she is comfortable with that. Most importantly, No Rashes. My baby can get up to 12 hours of overnight protection, which helps her get the uninterrupted sleep she needs for a great morning.

OK! Now all set, baby is comfortable with her dress and diaper. Now its time for some fun activities.

Make some mess and then clean up all : This is her favorite fun activity. Past few months, I have noticed that my little one got attracted to electronic gadgets. She stopped playing with her toys, she simply keeps mobile in her hand and watches cartoon. To distract her mind, I introduced this activity. I give some flour and water in bowl. She got excited and involved into it like mixing the batter, messing the entire hall and finally she helps me to clean up all the mess.

Puzzle fixing: Once she learnt how to hold the things, I introduced puzzle games to her. In the beginning l, she just throw away all the puzzles everywhere. After some days she slowly learnt to match colors, geometric shapes. I see her happy face whenever she does the puzzle.

Imitating her: When she is not in a good mood, I imitate her. With in a minute, her sad face changes to happy face and then she started playing normally :)

Playing hide and seek: This is her all time favorite game. I close my eyes, she goes and sit on the sofa :P. She thinks that "she s hiding in a good spot and mom cant find me"..Then  I go and search all over the house. Finally, I come near to sofa and say “Mommy found you”. She likes if I search for her long time.

Singing rhymes and dancing: I know some set of her favorite rhymes. When I sing those rhymes, she sings along with me and start dancing to that.

Her favorite baby toy: She calls it as “boo boo”. She tells me that boo boo is her baby. She treats the toy like a baby. She feeds it with her milk bottle and wipes its mouth. Sometimes she changes diaper too. She enjoys taking care of it.

Outdoor playing : Twice a day, I took her to the nearest park from my home. She likes playing and rolling on the grass. It makes my baby feel more happy.


The Pampers dry diaper are the best diaper ever. There is no leakage and keeps my little one super dry and super comfortable.

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  1. It was lovely to read your experience with Ishyakutti :) Well written!


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