Monday, March 9, 2015

Look Up


          In everyone's life, at some stage, each one has to take bold step to improve their lifestyle. Changes are always needed in all life for better way of living or to achieve their desire. The steps that we are going to take either harder as rock or smooth as rose petals. I respect those people who have guts to take bold step to #StartANewLife. I respect my dad and I always feel proud of him. He is a living example for me. Today he own his company “ Sahana property promoters”. He struggled and sacrificed a lot to reach this place. In his childhood days, he was pampered by his mom like any other child. At his teenage, he lost his mother. That incident had broken my dad's strength, confidence. It took so many years to overcome that situation. Once he completed his studies, he started looking after my grandpa's mill and farm. But, he is so passionate about construction related works. His long-term wish was to start his very own construction company. My dad decided to go behind his dream after his marriage. After my parents got married, they moved to mayiladuthurai. They stayed in rented home. It was consisted of a living room, bedroom with attached bathroom and small balcony. Initially, dad hesitated to take risk, My mom encouraged him to chase his dream. He looked up for bright future and took a bold step to go farther towards his dream. He invested huge amount to start his construction company “Vasthu Builders / Sahana Property Promoters”. He improves his knowledge with the latest technology. He always engages himself with some work like doing planning and estimation, studying software civil courses. After some years, my dad got recognition from his earlier works. His first big project was building complex. It is G+3 floor (ground floor plus three floor). It has 7 single bedroom houses. After that project, he got so much construction opportunities. So far, he built 50 plus residential building, 10 plus shopping complexes. His hard work and confidence is the only reason to obtain his dream. My dad got stabilized in his work. Since we stayed in the same house for 10 years. He decided to move farther “ Building an own house”. This is the another big step he took in his life. When it comes to building an own house, my dad was so confident to finish it soon. A year later, we moved to our own house. That was really great feeling. His bold decision made us to live this sophisticated life. 
So, why are you waiting? Look up and Start A New life today to chase your dream. If you are looking related to property buying or selling or looking for verified agents, (online real estate) will help you the best to fulfill your wish.

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