Sunday, March 22, 2015

Scented Beeswax Floating Candles (Nature's Air Purifier)

Beeswax is the part of Honey Comb that can be melted down, filtered and used for making various products like Candles, Soaps, Lip balm, Moisturizing lotion etc., The wax is produced by honey bees transforming the pollen and nectar of flowers into the most amazing array of products like Beeswax, Honey, Bees pollen.

Making this Beeswax Candles is Fun and easy . Beeswax candles can burn up to twice as long as paraffin type candles. When burning Paraffin candles, it releases the same toxins as Diesel fuel. But Beeswax Candles, actually purify the Air and it also effectively reduce Asthma and Allergies. The Aroma of the Beeswax candles are divine. If you want your favourite fragrance in the candle, you can add Essential oils in it.

These Floating candles are perfect for Candle light Dinner. It will create nice Ambience :)

Step 1: Materials Required

30 g of Organic Beeswax
Candle wick #2/04 Yards
1 large Pan
1 Glass measuring cup
1 Betty crocker mini Muffin pan
1 Knife
1 Chopsticks
1 wooden spatula
1 Grater
Eucalyptus Mint oil
Vaseline petroleum jelly


3 Candles

Step 2: Arrange the Mold

1. Grease the muffin pan with petroleum Jelly.

2. Cut a length of wick that is about 3 inch longer. Place the wick in between the chopsticks and position it over the centre of the muffin pan.

Step 3: Melt the Beeswax and Add Essential oil

1. Grate the Beeswax and take it in the Measuring cup.

2. Heat water in large pan, place the measuring cup resting inside. Gently, mix the beeswax over low heat.

3. Once it completely melted, take out from the flame. Add 3 drops of essential oil and mix it with wooden spatula.

Step 4: Pouring it into the Mold

1. Pour the melted Beeswax into the prepared mold carefully.

2. Let it set for 4 hour.

3. After the setting time, gently remove the chopstick and trim the excess wick using Scissor/Knife.

Step 5: Remove Candles from mold

1. After the Candles harden, lift them out by the wicks.

2. Wipe off the petroleum jelly with paper towel.

3. Candle is ready to shine.

Step 6: Decoration

2 Tall glasses
4 Strawberry
2 cup of water

1. Place the strawberry inside the glass and fill the glass with water.

2. Gently place the candles on the top.

You are done!


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