Saturday, March 14, 2015


Togetherness creates magic, it's called positive vibration. I have experienced many unforgettable and memorable moment in my life. Today I am gonna share one of the most memorable moment in my life. It was my pregnancy time. Every women wish their husband needs to be with them throughout the pregnancy time. I am so blessed in that way. He is the only one, who took care of me throughout my pregnancy. After our marriage, My husband and I moved to Canada because of his work. We stayed alone there. By that time, I was carrying our first baby (three months). Hence, I had to go to clinic for check up every month. We both went to nearby clinic one day and registered family doctor for me. Every month doctor visit he took permission from office and came with me to the clinic. I was suffered a lot from Morning sickness. I dint like outside food too. He cooks for me and make some healthy smoothies too. He never allows me to do any work at home. I was overwhelmed by his unconditional love and care. Some months later, I reached my due date. I was expecting my labor pain. But there was nothing for another two days. We went to consult doctor that I crossed my due date but there is no pain at all. He gave me a week time. If I dint get pain for a week, he will give injection to induce pain. He told us about the inducing procedure. I have no hope about it. I was scared about it. My hubby promised me that he ll take care every seconds until u get the baby in your hand. Two days later I got mild pain in my back. I had no idea that this was labor pain. It became 30 minutes apart. I called my hubby and he came home another 20 minutes. We were so thrilled and excited that we gonna have our baby in some hours. After two hours, pain interval time reduced to 20 minutes, but the pain was bearable. He was checking my hospital bag, that everything was ready. In the mid night, it became three minutes apart and the intense of the pain became heavier. He rang to emergency number and told about my situation. They told us to come to hospital. He took all my stuffs and locked the home and told me “When we come back to home, you will carry our soul mate in your hand”. We are looking forward to that moment. We reached the hospital in cab, my hubby was holding my hand tightly and speaking positively. They did some internal exam and said “ You came on right time, I will take you to the labor room”. I got tensed and my feets became so cold. At that time, I saw my husband face and hold his hand tightly. That was my only strength. After 20 minutes, I gave birth to a cute angel. My hubby cut the umbilical cord and doctor gave our baby girl to my husband. Happy tears were rolled down on our eyes and he showed our life to me. She grabbed my finger with her tiny soft fingers. That was one of the best unforgettable and most cherish able moment in my life. My hubby was there with me by holding my hand till I gave birth to my baby. The power of being #together made us to pass the hardest(labor time) of life.

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