Thursday, July 9, 2015

UC Browser : Surf it all! Surf it fast!

I was not a big fan of cricket in my early childhood days.  But slowly I got addicted to the game.  How did I get so much interest and love on Cricket?
My Dad is the only person, who love to watch cricket in my home. I always scold him to change the channel and keep some movies, but he never listen to me or anyone. The TV Remote control would be in my Dad's control until the match got over.  So, every day i was  forced to hear the running commentary.  After few years, I was so curious to know why this game is  so fame in all the age groups. I asked  my dad asked to teach me that game. My dad happily explained all about the cricket. After watching few matches I fell in love with that thrilling and emotional game. Before, I used to scold my dad to change the channel. Now my sisters started  to telling me the same :P... I finish  all  my work before the match starts. If I have some pending works to do, I postpone the work without second thought. Always I give first preference to watch cricket.  
Ok fine! let's imagine a situation.Some of my friends came to my home to watch cricket match. We have our very own TV and remote,  all snacks are ready to munch on and last but not the least, cricket premium league match gonna start in ten minutes.  The match is between chennai super kings and Rajasthan royals. Finally, the match started :). our team won the toss and chose to batting. They were playing so well and after 13th over, we lost our first wicket. Then Dhoni came to the field for batting. We all were so excited to watch him playing. By that time, unfortunately power cut in our area :(. we badly want to see the match, but there is no power in home.  One of my friend, kept the match in her 3G mobile. But the browser was very slow and the video kept strucking and loading for every minute. Then i opened UC Browser application and watched the match in UC-Cricket without any interruption until power comes again.

Ucbrowser is featuring special space for cricket lovers. It is called " UC-Cricket". It has various options to follow up the matches. So, from now on no worries about power cut or travelling to somewhere. you can catch up the cricket match using Ucbrowser. Not  only the match, you can use many other websites faster than normal browser. 

Download UC Browser for faster browsing in Desktop / Laptop / mobile / tablet. Speed up your web experience. Surf it all!!!!! Surf it all!!! Surf it fast!!!!!

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