Monday, July 25, 2016

Gaucamole Sandwich

Gaucomole Sandwich

Guacamole is a dip made of avocado, which is originated from Mexico. It is simple to make, you will need only 5 mins. The main Ingredients for Guacamole is avocado, lime and salt. There are lot other ingredients you can also add to enhance it tastes like onions, tomatoes, cilantro, chillies. You can serve this as dip for tostitos or as sandwich. Try this easy recipe and tell me how it turned out for you.


1 Ripe avocado
4 slices of bread
1/4 cup of onion,chopped
1/4 cup of tomato,chopped
1 tbsp of lemon or lime juice
1 tbsp of cilantro,chopped
1/4 tsp of Salt
A dash of ground black pepper powder


Gaucomole Sandwich

Cut the avocado, discard the seed and scoop out the flesh using spoon.
Mash it in a bowl using fork.
Add all other ingredients and stir all together. Guacamole is ready now.
Take a slice of bread, spoon some guacamole and spread it.
Place another slice of bread on top of it. Tada! Healthy sandwich is ready to serve.

Gaucomole Sandwich

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